Costa Blanca – Calpe


map.png The public bus from Torrevieja to Alicante cost 4,5 Euro and from Alicante to Calpe 7,25 Euro. Do not expect the drivers to speak English:)

Calpe is a very beautiful small town surrounded by water.


You can swim in the Mediterranean, watch flamencos in the salt lake or hike up Penyal d’lfach.


The hike

I recommend that you leave town no later than 8 am to avoid the strongest heat. It takes about 1½ hour to reach the top, and you should not do it if you are scared of hights or if you have bad balance.

As you leave town watch how the sunrise reflects in the salt lake.


You will pass the remains of Medieaval Calpe

Penyal d'lfach medieval

Though I saw children on the top, this hike is not for all

Penyal d'lfach hikePenyal d'lfach tunnelPenyal d'lfach viewPenyal d'lfach people approaching the topAs you might notice, the road is quit invisible (if you look well you see hikers on the photo)

Penyal d'lfach view from topPenyal d'lfach seagul







I hereby declare my feet ready for the inca trail



I have to admit that i am rather ignorant on the topic of hiking socks. I have heard that Marino wool is the thing when it comes to regulation of temperature, and this will become handy in the Andes where there is a remarcably difference between day and night temperature.
I have decided to go both the expermental way and the traditionally, and I will get back with an evaluation:-)

The fivefingers consist of : 90% Perf Dry™; 10% spandex

The traditional 68 % Marino wool, 13% polyester, 12% thermalite, 7% elastan