Costa Blanca – Calpe


map.png The public bus from Torrevieja to Alicante cost 4,5 Euro and from Alicante to Calpe 7,25 Euro. Do not expect the drivers to speak English:)

Calpe is a very beautiful small town surrounded by water.


You can swim in the Mediterranean, watch flamencos in the salt lake or hike up Penyal d’lfach.


The hike

I recommend that you leave town no later than 8 am to avoid the strongest heat. It takes about 1½ hour to reach the top, and you should not do it if you are scared of hights or if you have bad balance.

As you leave town watch how the sunrise reflects in the salt lake.


You will pass the remains of Medieaval Calpe

Penyal d'lfach medieval

Though I saw children on the top, this hike is not for all

Penyal d'lfach hikePenyal d'lfach tunnelPenyal d'lfach viewPenyal d'lfach people approaching the topAs you might notice, the road is quit invisible (if you look well you see hikers on the photo)

Penyal d'lfach view from topPenyal d'lfach seagul







Costa Blanca – Torrevieja


A public bus from Alicante airport to Torrevieja costs about 7 euro.

I was surprised by the silence of Torrevieja. Besides from the coastline North of the marina to Playa de los Locos, it was easy to find uncrowed spots.

The first place I visited, was Laguna de Torrevieja. The salt lake becomes red when the sun is shining, and fascinating pictures of that was what had lead me to Torrevieja. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy when I was there, but the lake was still beautiful. A lot of people were floating in the lake – it you want to do that, you have to bring water to rinse the salt of your body.


At night, as a woman walking alone, I found it safest to stay on the tourist strip from the marina to Playa del Cura. when I entered side roads, strange guys called out !hola! and !guapa!.

I spent my first day walking from the center of Torrevieja towards south. After three hours, I reached Punta Prima, a nice and quiet beach with good views. I took my time and enjoyed the views – it took only 1½ hour to walk back

I spent my second day walking towards North. North of Playa de los Locos the coastline is very beautiful. This is not the place to go, if you are looking for white sand beaches; but if you are into panoramic vistas and rocks, it’s your spot.

After two hours I reached, what became my favorite place: the clefts in-between Cala de la Higuera and Cala de la Zorra. I arrived at noon, and enjoyed a fresh breeze and an amazing view from the top of the cleft. Then I continued to Torre del moro just around the corner.

Walking back, I stoped once again at Cala de la Zorra, where I walked down the walkways and stairs that lead down the cleft towards a small beach.

Finally I enjoyed a sangria at Playa de los Locos

1 torrevieja (37) playa de los locos.jpg


I can strongly recommend melaconones amarillos (yellow peaches)!!!!

1 torrevieja (45)dag 3 torre del morro melocotontorrevieja map