Cottage cheese in New disguise


For a smaller meal try cottage cheese mixed with chives, fresh mango, seeds or nuts or granola, and maybe a dash of cinnamon



For dessert
Try rhubarb baked in honey and chilled, top with cottage cheese and chilled quinoa


A drink for a god(dess)



This drink is so yummy!!!
And it isfilled with superfoods, so what is not to love

1 glass :
1 frozen banana in cubes
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
1/2 tsp ginger powder
1/2 tsp tumeric powder
1 cup coconut milk (recipe below)
2 tsp cashew nut butter (recipe below)
A bit of coconut sirup if you want it sweeter

Enjoy every sip

Cashew nut butter
Blend a bag of unsalted nuts until they give off oil and turn into creamy butter

Coconut milk (2cups)
1 cup shedded coconut
1 cup boiled water

Blend. Let rest for an hour. Blend
Use a cheese cloth to filter the milk from the coconut meat

You can also use the nut butter as a spread


Easy jam without sugar



1 orange
1/3 cup dried cranberries

Blend the orange to orange juice

In a pot bring the juice and cranberries to boil. Turn down to low heat. Cook for 5 minutes.
Blend halv of the mixture
Put it all in a glass.

Told you it was easy!

Use it as spread on bread. Maybe with cheese and greens.
Use it on oats
As sidedish
As dessert
…. I could keep going 😉

Oatmeal turned into a Morning Pancake


For 1 person


½ banana

2-3 Tbsp rolled oats

½ Tbsp seeds

½ Tbsp shredded coconut

2 cm vanilla pod: scrabe out seeds and chop the rest

a bit of salt

if you like: cinnamon, cacao other desired flavors


  • blend the ingredients
  • warm a bit of olive or sunflower oil on a pan
  • add the mixture
  • when the dough lets go of the pan it is time to turn it


serve with fruits and fromage fraiche/ skyr/ greak yoghurt if you like




Coconut drink review /kokosdrikke



Various version of coconut drink exist, i therefore set out to find out the difference between two of them.

Coconut dream has 50 kcal /100 ml whereas Alpro only has 20. Coconut dream also has more sugar. They have the same amount of vitamins.

If you ask me, coconut dream taste better. It is creamier.
Alpro is thinner and has an aftertaste of sugar replacement.

But if you want to cut down on calories Alpro definetely wins.

Use it for the piña colada recipe I posted earlier, for chia pudding or for smoothies

Coconut-mint-chokolate-shake :
2 dl alpro coconut
A handful mint leaves
1 frozen banana
1 tsp raw cacao powder

Jeg vil her sammenligne Alpros og Coconut dreams kokosdrikke, der kan fås i visse kvickly, Føtex, Brugsen og helsebutikker.

.Coconut Dream er lækker og cremet. Alpros udgave er tyndere og smager af sødestoffer.

Produkterne har samme mængde tilsat B12

Coconut Dream har 50 kcal/100 ml, hvorimod Alpro kun har 20. Cocunut Dream indeholder mere sukker end Alpro. Alpro er altså vejen frem, hvis du vil spare på kalorierne, men Coconut Dream smager bedre:)

Jeg har tidligere lagt en opskrift på piña colada med Coconut Dream ud.

Du kan bruge drinkkene i din chiabudding, drikke dem rent eller lave en smoothie som denne:


2 dl Alpro coconut original

1 håndfuld hakkede mynteblade

1 tsk rå kakaopulver

1 frossen banan

Pina colada the tasty way (Virgin)



Treat yourself as if you were a goddess with this amazing drink.

I just tried the coconut dream drink for the first time, and I am in love! It taste like coconut, summer, heaven…  Drink it alone, in a smoothie, use it for chia pudding – you name it 🙂

For this Pina colada i used: 2 handfull frozen pineapple cubes, 1 cup coconut dream, mint leaves and 0,5 banana