Homemade bread with Homemade Jam and Homemade Parsley Pesto – Don’t Worry it’s Easy:)



Blackberry Jam

For the jam, I placed the rest of the blackberries from this year’s harvest (2 handfuls) in a casserole with a bit of water in the bottom.

I sprinkled the berries with vanilla sugar, grated ginger and grated orange zest. taste how much vanilla, zest and ginger you like.

Boil about 5 minutes.

let it cool. keep it in your fridge for about a week.

Parsley Pesto

  • Parsley to fill your food processor
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice (½ a orange)
  • A handful pumpkin seeds
  • A quality oil
  • Salt and pepper

Start by blending the seeds until they become like flour. add the remaining ingredients in amounts that please your taste buds, and add oil to you reach the consistency you like.

Store in your fridge





Kale, coconut and banana


Boil the kale in a bit of water until it turns greener. Do not cook it for too long. Set aside to cool. 



Cut a banana

Add a handfull of kale

Mix with shredded coconut and roasted oats

Option: Add a tablespoon of yoghurt

Serve with grapefruit on the side



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Blend a banana with a handfull cooked kale.

Option: Add a tablespoon of yoghurt

Top with roasted coconut and oats

Or add oats and shredded coconut and a bit of water, and let it soak overnight in the fridge 🙂

Serve with grapefruit on the side


Salvia chips



My salvia grows like crazy 

Luckily, I have find a way to use the many leaves.


Rinse and dry the leaves

Sprincle with olive oil and a little salt

Bake in the oven 150 Celsius for 1,5-2  hours

Then you have a snack


Easy right 🙂

Cottage cheese in New disguise


For a smaller meal try cottage cheese mixed with chives, fresh mango, seeds or nuts or granola, and maybe a dash of cinnamon



For dessert
Try rhubarb baked in honey and chilled, top with cottage cheese and chilled quinoa

A drink for a god(dess)



This drink is so yummy!!!
And it isfilled with superfoods, so what is not to love

1 glass :
1 frozen banana in cubes
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
1/2 tsp ginger powder
1/2 tsp tumeric powder
1 cup coconut milk (recipe below)
2 tsp cashew nut butter (recipe below)
A bit of coconut sirup if you want it sweeter

Enjoy every sip

Cashew nut butter
Blend a bag of unsalted nuts until they give off oil and turn into creamy butter

Coconut milk (2cups)
1 cup shedded coconut
1 cup boiled water

Blend. Let rest for an hour. Blend
Use a cheese cloth to filter the milk from the coconut meat

You can also use the nut butter as a spread


Avocado seed



Don’t throw the avocado seed out!
It is full of good stuff for your body 🙂

Cut it in chunks and blend it to a powder you can add to your smoothies


Cut it in half and grate the two pieces, Fry on a dry skillet until crispy, add seasoning as you like and snack it or use it as salat topping.
The seed gets a beautiful orange color and is not as bitter as if you eat it raw