About Maria’s Ethnography


Welcome to my blog!

My blog gives you a peek into my life. I am a student of anthropology, a traveller, a yogini, a Dane, and a girl who has certain strong values in the kitchen.

Here you can read about my perpective on the cultures I get glimpses of during my travels, but you can also read about my personal experiences and interests.

Ethnography is the methodological side of anthropology. It is about participant observation, a method where the ethnographer partly participates in the life of those she studies, partly keeps an analytical distance. It is also essential that the ehnographer reflects on her own role in the studied culture as well as in general, therefore I have chosen the title ‘Maria’s Ethnography’ even though the blog shows much more than the places where I go as an anthropologist.

In short, the blog is a window to my world. I hope it will inspire you:)