Full Moon and Summer Solstice



The Next 24 hours, nature will show us two opposites from each their powerful side.

the 20th of June 2016 is the time of the June full moon, which is also known as Honey moon, rose moon and strawberry moon. Today is the day of the year when the moon will be lowest on the Horizon, and it might glow with amber rays and look extremely big. Full moons always rays energies that generate emotions for some people. This moon is extra powerful, whereby I recommend that you take a moment to center yourself.

Tomorrow, June 21, is summer solstice in the North- the longest day of the year, the day where the sun is highest on the sky.

In other Words: these 24 hours is the first time in 70 years that the moon and sun are so close to being directly opposed to each other

Within spiritual traditions the moon represents calmness, softness, coolness and femininity; the sun represents power, heat, light, speed, masculinity

the body is often seen as a micro cosmos, a replication of the universe

the five elements earth, Water, fire, air and ether are all replicated in the body

in Indian tradition the spine is a replication of Mountains, blood and energy lines as rivers, the Heart is seen as a cave with a sacred alter. on the alter glows a flame (agni), and the flame is your drive or your passion. the sun (fire for life) and the moon (nectar of life) melt together in your Heart.


The World is made up of opposites, and ideally they are balanced. Without contrasts the World would be boring.



moon drishti: take time to gaze on the moon, gaze on an image of the moon or visualize it. The moon rays helps self reflection, and to create Peace of mind.


find a piece of paper

write: “I accept my personal journey, where ever it takes me and has taken me”

  • reflect on your personal journey since Winter solstice December 22 2015 until now(uttarayana). reflect on what has inspired you, what has kept your fire (agni) burning, what is your drive?
  • create an intention for the time from now until Winter solstice. What is your dream, goal, wishes?





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