Anahata and Meta Meditation



When I meditate on the Heart chakra “Anahata”, I often visualize a pink hip rose midst bright green leaves (the colors of anahata). In Denmark, hip is a true symbol of summer, and they often grow on the beaches. As a child, my mom would decorate my hair with hip roses when we went walking along the coast. Thus, to me hip evokes feelings of warmth, relaxation, home and comfort.

I imagine that its colors and beauty fill my Heart, and then flow from my Heart to every cell of my body, filling my body with love, compassion and warmth. If I have trouble doing it, I think of a situation in which a person showed me love, and I let myself dwell with the memory for a moment.


When my own body has been filled with these qualities, I imagine a friend, acquaintance or just somebody I have seen, who I want to offer my loving thoughts. I imagine the colors, love, compassion and warmth raditating from my body to theirs. The power is so strong that I can fill up each and every cell of the person I think of with love.


Thirdly, the flow can be radiated out to the whole world.

“Ahum Prema” I am unconditional love


  • How does it feel to fill up yourself?
  • How does it feel to send your best wishes to someone else?


Scientifically, the electromagnetic field of the Heart is 5000 times bigger than that of the brain (Shiva Rea 2014:25).



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