Avocado seed



Don’t throw the avocado seed out!
It is full of good stuff for your body 🙂

Cut it in chunks and blend it to a powder you can add to your smoothies


Cut it in half and grate the two pieces, Fry on a dry skillet until crispy, add seasoning as you like and snack it or use it as salat topping.
The seed gets a beautiful orange color and is not as bitter as if you eat it raw


It is sunday and time to treat yourself!



I know I am a bit late, but I just discovered how yummy and nutty hemp seeds are! Today I used them for topping on one of my favorite breakfast bowls.

Roast hemp seeds and sesame seeds shortly and let them cool down.

Blend 1 banana with one avocado.

Top the avocado-banana mix with the seeds and enjoy every spoon 🙂

What yoga really is about


This is a must see video !!!

Yoga is about love to self as well as the world
Truth, freedom,
To study and get to know yourself
Right use of resources
Finding stillhess and balance even in movement
Feeling amazing 🙂

Backbends Step by Step


Open your heart and get lots of energy with the beautiful backbend asanas!


  1. Practice ahimsa (non-violence). Take care of yourself, and do not move to quickly or too far into the poses. Backbends can be pretty intense. Make the poses feel amazing in your body!
    1. If it is hard to pack your ego away, go for grace! Make the poses appear pain free, and as if they were your natural way of moving. Coordinate your moves with your breath.
  2. Engage uddiyana bandha (imagine you put on skinny jeans, but you should still be able to breathe when they are on
  3. Lift your heart up and back on an inhalation. Imagine your spine grows a bit longer. This is to create space between the segments of the spine so that they can move without rubbing against each other. Also your lumbar spine (lower back) and cervical spine (neck) are the most fragile parts, by reaching your heart back, you work with the stronger part of the spine.
  4. As a rule of thumb, do not drop your neck back.


Baby Cobra & Cobra

  • keep your gaze low and chin parallel to the floor



  • You can also start by sitting in hero’s pose. Grab your heals. Lift pelvis up and forward. This is safer for beginners, since it is not gravity that pulls you down.
  • Chin to breast unless you are sure it will not hurt your neck. Nomatter where you are keep your neck still, and do not raise your neck untill you are out of the pose!
  • Lift your ❤



  • The above principles still count
  • Upward: feet hip with apart, hands by shoulders, lift your navel up. Play but be carefull:)

Hot cocoa


3 dried but soft dates (those that almost melts on the tongue. Sold in cardboard boxes)

2 tsp cocoa powder (without sugar or sweetner)

A piece of the cest from an organic orange

A dash of cayennepepper and cinnamon

2,5 dl milk

Blend, heat, enjoy 🙂

Spread for bread


1 handfull cooked butternut beans
2 handfulls of sunflower seeds
1 tbsp shredded coconut flakes
A handfull raw broccoli
Juice of 1 orange

Blend and adjust with spices

leasts about 4 days in the fridge