The mala



A mala is a necklace with 108 beads + 1 guru bead. It is used when singing or reciting mantras to keep track of how many times the mantra has been recited, whereby one can fall into a state of meditation instead of counting. The mala helps you stay focused.


How to use it

Place the mala over your right ring or middle finger and push the beads towards you with your thumb. Do not let the beads touch the index finger. Turn the mala 180 degrees when you reach the guru mantra.

When you get your mala, charge it, and wear it for 40 days to make it powerful. If you wish you can make the mala a representative of a certain intention.


108 is a sacred number.

There are 108 energy lines in the heart chakra, and 108 names of Hindu goddess names. There are 12 zodiac houses x 9 planets. There are 108 Upanishats – Vedic scriptures. 1 symbolizes the universal spirit, 8 emptiness in spiritual practice, and 8 infinity. There are 108 sacred places in India… and so it continuesJ


The guru bead represents your guru, a chosen deity or your inner self. Decide the meaning of the bead yourself by setting an intention.


The beads in my mala are rudraksha seeds and turquoise. Rudrakshas, Shiva’s tears, protect and cleanse the one who bears them and brings success. Turquoise protects, heals and brings good fortune. It facilitates a connection between the physical and spiritual self. It is connected to the throat chakra.



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