Cenote Kalimba


Cenote Kalimba is a hidden treasure only a bike ride from El Pueblo de Tulum!


You do not see much with a snorkle, but if you are a cave diver you can swim into the subriver system.

Yet, this cenote stole my heart! It is sourrounded by fruit trees, so you feel you are in the jungle. Carved Mayan figues decorates the place. Inside the cave dripstones hang from the cealing. A big opening and several smaller let daylight enter. When I went for a swim inbetween the dripstones a sound reached my ears. It was the sound of water drumming against the dripstones, creating varying deep tones. My friend showed me that by hitting certain dripstones gently he could almost play them as an instrument. We had the place for ourselves, which made the experience even more unique.

Kalimba seems magic to me. When I entered I regained the facitation for Tulum, I had felt the first weeks I was here. Sometimes I loose it in my daily whereabouts, but when two amazing friends shares this piece of heaven with me, how can I not feel like I am among the luckiest persons alive? Tulum is in my heart exactly for its warm hearted people and its unique nature.

My friend, who’s family owns the place, told me that when it was excavated 15 years ago, they found little cave houses inside the cave. He is sure that Mayan people have lived the in the past.


My friend’s dad places food and flowers on a beautiful altar to keep the eluces, a type of dwarfs, happy.

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