vegetarian options on the yucatan peninsula


It is not always easy to get your taste buds and nutritional needs fulfilled while travelling. After having eaten out two to three times a day for two weeks I fill sick and tired of eggs and cheese.

I stumbled upon some restaurants with satisfying vegetarian options, so here I will give you a few recommendations 🙂

Tulum (here are lots of options):

Ziggy beach on the beach: try the lasagna!!!

Co con amor across from Chedrauvi on the road to the beach Ya’ax across from the city hall on av. Principal

el vegetariano


Playa del Carmen : Aldea corazon: the restaurant is located in a cenote with a jungle atmosphere

Veganplanet av. andrés Quintana Roo. Manzana 1. Supermanzana 45.

La Parilla de Juan: a rooftop restaurant on Av Damero esquina carito.

La playita: try the vegetarian ceviche!

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