Co. ConAmor


Co. ConAmor is a Mexican owned vegetarian restaurant located across from chedrauvi. The environment is very laid back, and the staff always welcomes you with a smile 🙂
The vibe is spiritual, and the food is made of fresh and good quality ingredients.
I often have the feeling that so called vegetarian restaurants or vegetarian plates served on restaurant do not have proper nutrition, but coconamor knows what they are doing!

Drop in for food, snacks, juice, coffee or a shot of healthy ingredients. Or take a look in their shop, where you find natural bautiproducts, moskito repellent, cooking ingredients and much more.

If you are interested in traditional Mexican food but struggle to find vegetarian versions you might be in luck with the weekly special 🙂 nevertheless all plates have a Mexican touch.


Cacao heigh and an energy ball

Antibiotic shot

Ensalada Caribeña (i had it to go)

Yum! Salat with coconut and platano, two of my favorite ingredients 🙂



Amor cubano

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