Akumal: turtles, rays and a barracuda


This morning a friend and I went on a buss to Akumal beach. It cost 20 pesos each way, and if was about a 15 minutes ride from el pueblo de Tulum.

When we arrived, the beach was almost empty. Furthermore, the beach was almost sargasso free. We put on our snorkle gear and jumped into the azure colored water. The temperature was good. Not too warm, not too cold. We swam away from the cost and began mingeling with blue, yellow, red, grey, black and purple fish. It did not take long to find a turtle. I was fascinated. For long I been dreaming about swimming with turtles, but though I have never suceeded in finding them – not until now. It was a big but piecefull animal. It moved slowly on the bottom of the ocean while it ate sea grass. Every once in a while it would swim to the surface, stick its head over the water and breathe in air.
The second turtle I met decided to swim under me. It was very close to my body, so I got a bit nervous, but very amazed. It breathed in air right besides me.
Each turtle was different in size and pattern. The biggest might have been about a meter long. I was attracted to one of the smaller ones. It looked like a mosaic. The lines on its skin were very clear, and its pattern came out beautiful. We saw about 10 turtles in total.
Besides from turtles, we saw a barracuda, rays, corals we and many colorful fish.
But the turtles stole my heart. How incredible is it that it is still possible to float in water surrounding a sea turtle, and do nothing but silently watch it for like 10 or 15 minutes!

Around noon a lot of people had arrived. I did not find it as enjoyable as the early ours. Suddently a guided group of people decided to swim after us, which ment that I got kicked in my face by their fins, and that I could not move my arms to the side without bumping into somebody. When they noted that my friend and I floated in one area for a while, they came and ruined our private session with the turtles. We did, however, still manage to find our own turtles at times. I felt a much stronger connection with the animals when we were just two human beings around them.

OBS! If you decide to go remember to wear no sun block, or biodigranable sunscreen so you do not hurt the precios creatures of the sea!
And do not leave trash 😉

After a day in the sun, I am one step closer to becoming a native. At least in regards to skin color.





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