Whale sharks





Today I was picked up in Tulum by Ocean Tours at 5.30 am.we made a couple of stops in some resort along the Riviera Maya, to pick up other tourists. At 8am the van arrived in Punta Sam near Cancun. From there we embarged a small motor boat and headed towards the Gulf of Mexico.
The water had charging shades of azure and turquoise close to the coast of Cancun and Isla Mujeres. As we went farther out, the water changed color into a darker blue shade. It was beautiful. Unlike in Tulum, the sargasso did not rule here.

I was a bit nervous about what I knew was about to happen. The guide, did however, not give me much time to stay like that. “get ready, you are the first” he told me and 3 others. We put on our equipment, and sat down on the edge of the boat with out leggs on the water side. The captain spotted and approached a whale shark, and before I knew it the captain and the guide screamed “go go go!!” and I jumped in the water. Normally I am scared of jumping, but they gave me no choice. It was amazing! A gigant fish came right towards me. Its mouth was wider that I am tall! It nevertheless seems peacefull. I followed the guide along the side of the creature. We were really close. If it had swong Its tale i would have been pushed away. Small fish surrounded the whale and a cold current embraced us. After a few minutes it went down and disappeared below us.
We got back up on the boat. The captain followed another whale and we jumped in again. This happened four times in total. We were lucky to have the whale for ourselves. Though other boats were around, only people from our boat swam with the whale sharks spotted by our crew at the same time as we did. I had trouble with my glasses, but the captain let me borrow his, which allowed me to enjoy the swims more.

When we sailed back towards Isla Mujeres, we saw a dolphin. We went swimming over a coral reef close to the island. The prettiest corals were purple leafs that swang to the rythm of the current. The other corals were pale. We saw some yellow fish with stripes. Though it was pretty, the red sea and the water that surround the Corn Islands in Nicaragua top it from my point of view.
I was back in Tulum at 6pm



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