Turtle nesting under the moon


Tonight I went to the beach at 11pm. An almost full moon was glowing behind a thin layer of dark blue clouds. I walked barefoot in the sand. The moonlight made it relatively easy to see. The water was more than luke warm.

It was the third time I had gone searching for turtles, and finally I suceeded. Suddently something moved in the sand close to the area where plants started to grow. A green sea turtle, about one meter long was digging into the sand. She threw sand to the sides with great force. See had already dug an impressively wide hole with a diameter of two to three meters. I sat down to admire her work.
A wide space of dark sky held in place by a circle of lighter blue clouds surrounded the moon. The two circles seemed to point in direction of the circle made by the turtle.
As waves came close to the shore, they got a silver edge that shone shortly. When they reached the beach they turned into white fizz and created a soft sound. The seconds until the next waves were quit.

Being an upcomming turtle mom is hard work. She digged for hours. At time I got as close as about three meters behind her, to see better, but I mostly observed her from a tanning bed a bit further away.
I stayed for two and a half hours. The moon made its journey across the sky, and the surrounding circle vanished. A few stars came out, but none compared to the other times I have gone to the beach. After the digging she laid her eggs. Then she started to digg again. A big crab walked sideways across the sand in front of me and around the nest. The temperature fell to 26 celcius, so I covered myself with a blanket.
It was truely facinating to watch her. No tv show can beat this. What a work it is to be a female turtle!
The mosquitos were eating me, but it was all worth it.

OBS! If you go looking for turtles, leave flashlights, cameras and cell phones at home. The light will damage the turtles’ sight.
Keep voice down
Keep a distance that at least corresponds to the distance the turtle thows sand.

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