I have moved to Tulum!


Thurday night I arrived in Cancún, Mexico. I quickly realized that it was time to pack my warm clothes away. It is 31 Celsius but feels like 40 due to humidity. I stayed at a hostel in downtown, and I did not see many tourists. In my airport shuttle I met two guys from Mexico city. They were dropped off at a fancy resort, and all they talked about was partying. I went to a park to eat dinner. I found a pambazo, a  spicy bread filled with mushrooms, salsa and cheese, for 30 pesos including a juice. In the park we were no more than five foreigners. A lot of Mexicans were eating, and the children were playing. When I walked down the street I saw many bars. Several of them were empty, but there were a few crowded ones. Mainly Mexican looking people were in the bars and restaurants. An empty bar across from my hostel played loud music all night.

Next morning I took an ADO bus to Tulum. And I arrived here at noon. My Spanish host picked me up at the station, and after having dropped my stuff off at her place, we went to the beach. In the area around the ruins I saw many tourists, but the public part of the beach was pretty empty. There has been an algee issue since january, which means that the water has a red brown color and that it is a constant work to remove the algeas from the sand. I have been told that many tourists leave after a day because of the algees. I did go swimming, and nothing happened.
We met a friend of my host. He knew that an appartement was free where he lived, and told us that we could check it out in the afternoon. By the evening the place was mine!
The three of us spent the night celebrating with beer and tequila. We ate empanadas at an Argentinan place. Besides from internal migrants there are many migrant especially from Argentina and Italy in town. I think I only saw one other blond girl In the bars in Pueblo.

Saturday I moved into my appartment and I went shopping. At night at night I went to the beach with some new friends. All restaurants in the area were closed. We lay down in the sand to admire the starmy sky. There were lightning in the horizon. The sound of the ocean coupled with the sound og gekkos was very calming. The guys started digging in the sand, and suddently the sand was glowing due to a kind of algees. It was beautiful. We had the beach for ourselves. Once a guard drove by to make sure nobody was taking photos with flash of the turtles who at this time leave their eggs to start life in the ocean. There were no turtles that night though.
Yesterday I bought a bike, did more groceries, bought summerclothes(it is so hot and every body here walk around half naked), and went to the pre-opening party of my neighbour’s juicebar. At night I went to Playa del Carmen. Playa was very lively. There were loads of restaurants, bars,souvenirshops and discos. Some clowns attracted a local looking crowd in a park by the sea. I ate pastel asteca.

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