Having traveled the Peruvian roads quite a bit, I realize that the landscapes of the country are something which keep surprising. I feel like I have seen heaven (the Andes) and that I have been on the moon (arequipa volcanic area). I have seen one of the worlds deepest canyons, and I have ridden for hours in a big sandbox.


Today I visited the ballestas. I have never seen that many birds before. They covered the Cliffs of the Islands, and they created black lines chasing waves. I saw sealions, pinguins, pelicans and seaguls on Ballestas. In the afternoon, I bicycled for hours in the dessert of the Paracas reserve. In the reserve I saw flamingos.

The first night I decided to give in to ceviche, though I do not eat fish. It is Peru’s national dish, and people speak highly of it. It is raw fish in lime and onion. It tasted nice and fresh.
There were generally no vegetarian options in town besides from borring sandwiches, but when I asked for options the restaurant owners made up dishes and it turned out ok. A young man had pancakes on his sign. I asked him if he could make me a crepe with avocado, lettuce cheese and tomatoes, and after a quick run to a store he did. Afterwards I had to evaluate because he had never made it before. I told him to add it to his menucard 🙂 it was very tasty and only 6 soles.



Paracas is a very laid back place to be. Most people are just here on day tours, so it is rather quit at night. The locals are eager to speak English.
When I took a taxi to the station, the driver did not have change so he told me not to pay. I did, however, make him take the 1,5 I had.

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