I left paracas at 4 pm, and reached Lima at 8.30 pm. The cruz del sur station was really borring. I did manage to get an omelet for dinner, though they did not have vegetarian food on the menu. I am soooo tired of eggs and white bread…. But food is food…
My bus to Huaraz left at 10.30 pm, and arrived about 8am. My hostel offered continental breakfast (bread, marmelade, hot drink, banana and juice) though I had not sleapt there. It is a really lovely hostel called Alpes Huaraz.
After breakfast I walked to Pinar. I had no idea of what Pinar was, and only an alternative map. People were nevertheless friendly to guide me. My trip ended on top of a hill with magnificent views of the glaciers that surround the city.
For lunch I found chuchu (a salat) for 2 soles on the street. It was very tasty!

The mountain peeks look like Toblerone chocolate, I guess that is why Huaraz is called Peru’s Switzerland.

The town is not too touristy. Several elderly smiled to me and say “gringa” in a happy voice. When I walked to Pinar, a woman told me to buy a hat to protect me from the sun. I told her that I already have one, and then I followed her advice and put it on.
It is also one of the cheapest places I have been in Peru.


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