Colca cañon


Originally, I planned to hike the cañon on my own. However, in Arequipa I discovered that a guided tour did not cost much and included stops such as cruz del condor, thermal baths and volcano viewpoints that would be time consuming to do with public transport.

At cruz del condor the condors gave a show. They flew right over our heads.

When the group arrived in cobanaconde we were told that there had been several earthquakes and that the original hike therefore would be to dangerous to fullfill. Throughout the day, the guide, nevertheless, decided to follow the original plan. During the first night there were two small shakes. I am, however, still alive 😉

It was nice to be in a group. I met some amazing girls who invited me to teach them vinyassa in Oasis de Sangalle. I feel priveledged to have taught my first class in one of the deepest canyons of the world. And I feel gratefull for the support the girls gave me.

The Colca cañon trek was a piece of cake compared to the Inca Trail. Nature in Colca is much more dry, and it is super hot. In my opinion the Inca Trail is much more beautiful, but I am still thankfull to have walked the canyon.

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