Arequipa 2


Today as well as yesterday I ate breakfast at the Market. Yesterday I had cajada (some kind of homemade yoghurt) with Honey.
Today I had “maca especial con cereales” a drink made of cereals, honey and maca that was warm and sweet. It cost 2,5 soles. I also had a cup of coffee with milk for 1,5 soles and a small pan integral for 20 centavos (finally it is possible to find bread that is not just plain white and sweet:-) ).
I had the entire dorm room for myself, so I used the opportunity to do an hour of vinyasa. Amazing. Then I had a shower that was so warm that I actually had to turn down the heater – unbelievable…
I went back to the Market for lunch, and had a salteña for 1 sol. It was very tasty. Salteñas are a typical dish from Arequipa. It is kind of an empanada but less sweet, and it was filled with vegetables and potatoes.
In the afternoon I booked a three day hike in Colca cañon, which begins tonight at 3am.
Then I visited Catalina Monastery from 1579. It cost 40 soles, but it was worth it! The monastery was like a city within the city. It is build of the volcanic rocks which generally characterize the city, but the walls were colored red and blue. The monastery is decorated with religious paintings and artefacts. There were gardens, several kitchens and ceveral chapels. From the top of the great cloister there is a great view of the city and volcanos.


Queso helado is a typical Arequipa snack. I had a version with pisco for 2 sol and it is approved. It is kind of like slush ice. Unlike what the name suggests it is not made of cheese but milk.


I can also recommend the vegetarian version of papa rellenas, which can be found for 1 sol by the Market after 2 pm.


And small, warm eggs for 1 sol.

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