Inka trail


In the porters’ village I saw how the farmers separate beans from dust by throwing a showel of beans into air and then remove the dust with branches. Something to think about next time I eat beans…


The trek was absolutely amazing. I will never be able to tell you how beautiful it was, it simply must be experienced. I love to feel that my heart beat, feeling nature around me and meeting wonderful people!

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The four days have been nurture for my soul. Being in a group of fun people, but still being able to walk off on my own and enjoy the silence and nature was just what I needed. When I reached the sun gate of Machu Picchu I became very emotional, and I just wanted to be alone. I did not know why. Maybe it was partly because the trip ended, maybe because the silence was gone, maybe because an old dream of mine had come true and had come to an end. Machu Picchu was way too crowded. As a group we felt different than the day tourists, who struggled to reach the Sun Gate. Further, we were part of the attraction. I heard several guides pointing us out as “those who had walked the Inka Trail which is a 4 day hike…”. I did not spend too much time on the site, because I had a hard time enjoying it. Each time I thought I had found a spot to enjoy the views, other tourists told me to move so that they could take a picture. Several times the guards yelled after me, apparently Machu Picchu can only be seen by walking in a preplanned direction – God forbid if you walk the wrong way. Aguas Callientes was a very touristy town, but we had to wait there for our 4pm train. Through the windows of the train, I looked out of the landscape which I had been part of, and which had been part of me. We were now separated, distanced. Who knows if and when I will ever find that beauty again?

Back in Cusco, or Cosqo (the navel of the world), I did not feel cold, and suddenly the stairs to my hostel beside Plaza de San Blas were a piece of cake. The day after the trail I had an Inka massage for 40 soles. It lasted an hour. First a woman massaged my whole body with oil, when she used hot stones. It was amazing to feel the hot stones against my skin. She circled them, and placed them so that the heat would remain on me for a while. For lunch I had some tiny eggs sold by a woman near San Pedro Market, and then a cuckle con queso. After lunch I went inside the temple of the sun, which is a church or convention build on the remains of an Inca temple. I did not find the museum particularly interesting, but I used the garden to relax.

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