Cusco 2


Last night I decided to use my sleeping bag instead of the hospedages blankets and to wear wool underwear. I actually woke up at midnight because i was sweating, which i find much better than freezing! Today i bought a thermo for 30 sol, and a watch for 10 sol. Now i should be ready for the Inca Trail that beings tomorrow. I have visited Qorikancha. The building was pretty, but the museum borring. I little girl did my hair in the park, and she pretended to put makeup on me. Then i went to San Pedro Market, where you can buy souvenirs, fruits, meat, juice, food, bread you name it. I had a choclo con queso (corn cob with cheese) for 3 soles for lunch. In plaza San Francisco they had somewhat like a food festival, and in plaza de armas students were parading in band uniforms. I also visited the chocolate museum which is free ( and you can taste chokolate tea for free), and the museum of regional history. Over all i am more into the ruins than indoor museums! Back at the hospedaje i did vinyasa to stay warm. When I was just about too take a shower the electicity died out, so it became a cold shower, and now 3 hours later I still do not have light in my room… That is how it goes

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