Yesterday I took the bus (collective) from Pisac to Cusco. They run all the time and I only paied 4 soles. My hospedaje is in San Blas, and the taxi could only drive to the plaze, because the rest of the way was stairs! It is quite a workout to be in Cusco. Each time I ask for direction the answer is “arriba”.

Yesterday I hiked to temple of monkeys

Temple of the moon. Here it was possible to enter a cave where there is an alter which at certain nights are hit by moon light.
and Quengo. supposedly inka baths.

I ate dinner for 10 soles at green points in San Blas which is recommandable.

Today I walked to the main ruin site in Cusco called Saqsaywaman. The ruins were huge rocks formed as teeth and an eyes of a puma.It might be the remains of the pre-inca Killike culture. The stones used for the buildings are the biggest in pre-hispanick South America and they have been stacked so perfectly that there has been no use for cement.

At the same place I found Roddadero hill; the throne of the Inka king.

Then I took a bus for 1 sol to tambomachay and Puca Pucara.
The bus back to cusco was also 1 sol, but I had to walk far.

It is freezing cold from about 4pm to 10 am, and really hot during the day.
I am spending all my money on staying warm. 67 sol for a sweater, 190 sol for a poncho and 8 sol for s scarf.


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