In the afternoon I arrived in Cusco airport after a bumpy ride with great views of the Andes.

I man came up to me and said Maria (I was kind of the only blond girl there, so I guess I was easy to find).
He took my backback and showed me to the driver I had hired through the hotel. I was told to tip him, and then he left.

The drive to Pisac was about 1 hour. The driver was really nice. We talked most of the way. He taught me a few words in Quechua. diespago (or something like that) is thank you. He told me about animals, family life, San Pedro Market, and the three different types of lama (llama, Alpaca, and ?). When we drove through town I got a glimpse of the Virgin Carmen procession. The festival begins tomorrow, and on Friday there will be dance competitions.

The hotel is very nice. I have my own room that is decorated with orange colors and Peruvian patterns. There is a big maize field next to the hotel where men and woman are finishing up today’s work. Women here are mostly wearing colorful ponchos and hats, and a lot of them either carry children or straws in cloths wrapped around their backs.

I went out for dinner when the sun was setting. Pisac is the first South American town where no one has yelled after me or made funny noises. It feels very secure.
I found a vegetarian place called Ayahuaca where I got 3 meals and a cold herbal tea for 15 pen – the waiter did not seem to friendly and did not care to wait until I had finished one meal before she served the next. The food was simple but good.

at first I had a pumpkin soup

then quinoa with vegetables and ice cream for desert


The town is nice and small. I bought a lama wool hat (alpaca) for 30 pen because it is rather cold up here.

The sky is covered by stars!

I just tried a coco leave – does not taste too good, and coca tea which is better.


good night:)

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