From Denmark to Lima


Last morning at 5 am danish time I left my home. 24 hours later I went to bed in Lima, Peru.
At first I was told that there was no seat for me on the plane, but after 30 minutes it was fixed, and I got to ran through the fast lanes in security. At the gate, I was told that there was no room for my carry-ons in the cabbin. I did, however, convince the staf that i could not live without it.  The though that both my checked in and carry on would get lost on the way was too horrifying…

After 8 hours i arrived in Newark. The security check went fast. I found my back and rechecked it in. Then i had about 45 minutes to enjoy this view:


New York city

During the following 8 hours of flying, I got a glimpse of:







On the plane I sat next to a young coupple from philadelphia, who was going to travel around in Peru on their own as well.

At 9 pm local time, I arrived in Lima.
I was first told that a taxi to my hostel would be 40 dollars, but I took my chance and walked on. Then a nicely dressed man approached me, and offered to take me there for half the price. I still thought it was expensive, but I was too tired.
When I saw the taxi did not have a sign on top I got suspicious. The driver and security guide assured me that was how airport taxis looked like, and the driver kept showing his name sign. I went with him.
I only spoke spanish, and kept saying that I knew the hostel was close to the airport. In reality i was terrified because I had read the drive should only take 3 minutes, and the driver said 20, and because the area he took me to looked rather abandoned. When I saw the Street sign i was releaved. He stoped in front on a dark building and told me that was the hostel. I had him wait until the door was opened. What a releave to be inside… I paied him 50 soles.

The man behind the counter was really nice. He explained the reason why the hostel had not responded to my request for an airport pickup was because i had not used my middle name in the letter. I then paied 47 soles for 1 night (breakfast included), a taxi back to the airport and a water – How stupid can one feel for paying 50 for only the ride…

I went to a 4 people dorm. The others were already asleep. I crawed under the thin sheet on the top bunk bed. I woke up many times because i was cold, but I did not want to disturbe the others.
Two of others left early in the morning, after an hour the third went to the gym.

I found an amazing breakfast (compared to the usual toast and jam at hostels). I asked the staff about a red fruit i had never seen before. It was called tuna and I was told it only grows in high altitudes. It tasted somewhat like passion fruit. While eating i chatted with a canadian girl and two colombian guys.


Paypurix hostel, lima

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