Working towards elbow stand / pinchamayurasana


To me arm balances are exiting, but also a bit scary.
For a while I have wanted to learn arm stand and elbow stand, but I haven’t been able to gather courage until now.

Actually it is not that scary 🙂 by studying the technique you are almost there.
You do, however need to be able to do planks for several breaths before you try. For elbow stand it is also useful to incorporate dolphin pose in your routine.

– Start in tadasana and find focus
– Move to dolphin pose and take some breaths
– Your elbows should be no further than shoulder distance apart
– Create an L with each hand


– Move your feet as close to your head as possible (streached)
– take a small step with one of your feet. Bend both knees so that you can bounce.
– Look slightly in front of your hands
– Kick up like a donkey
– Find balance. Press arms down and feet up.

I still have a lot of practice ahead, but I want to share that today, for the first time, i was in the air – even if just for a few seconds. I started by practicing against a wall, but discovered that it did not do me any good. Then i gathered courage and moved to the middle of the floor.

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