Don’t blame it on the crowd



Today I want to make you reflect on your own power to create the world of your dreams.

Instead of thinking on all the obstacles, and instead of giving op or staying passive, you can first of all think about:
Who am I?
What life do I want?
What world do I want?

When you have some thoughs about that, you can make an active choice to work towards it.

You are responsible for your own happiness. If you at times think it is impossible to live life as you want to, you can view the obstacles as a puzzle or an obstacle course. Of course you will make it if you do not give op.

Obstacles are there to make life more interesting and to make you strong.

We are all challenged by the structures we are embedded in. But I am confident that every individual with a strong vision has the capacity to challenge, change or break those structures. And if you decide to make this effort, you might influence people around you.

Do not be scared of the unknow! Embrace it or them!

If you already now think that there
Is too little love in this world, or that either yourself or somebody you Care about could need the warmth of love, I advice you to do a loving kindness meditation:
1: Think about somebody who you love and who loves you. Think about the good things this person does for you, and let the thoughs about that fill your body with warmth. This person cares about you, and wish you the best!
2: think about a person you love and Care about, and send the person some of the love and warmth you just bild up. Think again about what the person from exersise 1 does to you, and how you can learn from it, and pass it on.
3: try to send the love to somebody you have a problem with or somebody you do not know
4: take the love and warmth you have build up in your mind and body and use it in your actions and attitude in the real world

For further reading :
Robert Atkinson on life stories
Pierre bourdieu
Jerome s. Bruner
Edward bruner
Catherine Kohler Riessman
Rachel brathen
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra

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