Remeber your body while doing Office work / studying


I am a student who does a lot of self study. I often forget to take breaks away from the sitting position by my desk. I tend to sit crosslegged, have a round spine and tense shoulders – all bad for my body.

I am working on improving the conditions for my body, and I have therefore come up with some tips:

Use a strap to hold your shoulders down while you work


Se how:

Read while you hulahoop. This help me consentrate since i cannot write or be online simultaneously 🙂 it will also give amazing abbs and core strengt which will help the back.
Start doing 5 minutes in each direction, and add 2,5 minutes in each direction each week

Remeber to move about. Sit on an office chair for an hour, do the hoop a bit, sit down on a meditation cushion, do asana, stand up, Lie down, sit ..  You get it 🙂 change position

Take a break and massage yourself by using a foam roller

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