Mats for every occasion



The thin purple mat is a travel mat. It can be folded into a small square that takes up less space than a towel! To me, it is comfortable even though it is thin, and the surface of the mat gives a good foundation. It will, however, be difficult to use it on an ueven surface.

I used to use the blue mat every day, but I got a new model because it was slippery. I now use it outdoors or at home (when the pink mat is at the studio).

The pink mat is the biggest and heaviest. I use it for my daily Practice.

Each color bring a different energy so every now and then is is good to ground on a different 🙂

When i am at the blue mat, i imagine that I am out sailing on a sunny summer day. I think of the comforting sound of waves. Sometimes i also connect it with the endless sky – a sky with no clouds. To me, both the ocean and the sky symbolizes eternity, endless opportunities, and calmness. In chakra symbolism it is the color of creativity.

The pink mat generates conversations and smiles. Its brightness lights up the room, and it makes me feel girly and happy. In chakra symbolism it is the color of eternal love.

In chakra symbolism purple represents the crown of the head – spirituality, strengt, passion and meditation.

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