Tambohle in a new way



For 1 person :
A handful of fresh herbs (i used parsley and chives)
1 clove garlic
2 carrots
1 tsp tahin
Salt, pepper, cumin and lemon juice to taste
A spay of salat oil

Blend all the ingredients

Pure boiling water to cover 1/4 dl couscous, add a bit of teriaki.

Mix couscous with the blended ingredients and serve.
I served the salat with the danish meatballs you also can find the recipe for on the blog.


A class with Swamiji Joytirmayah


Today I attended a class with Swamiji Joytirmayah. I was not really sure what to expect. I thought maybe 2,5 hours of hard core meditation.

When I came, I unpacked my travel mat and meditation cushion and sat down. A bunch of people were already in the room, and a man was playing guitar. After we had been welcomed, the guitar man led kirtans. The atmosphere in the room was very relaxed and comfortable. Suddenly, Swamiji  Joytirmayah entered the room. He had a certain charisma – I am not sure if it is because of his Indian look in the Danish context, the expectations for the class, or a third. He sang along and clearly enjoyed the music.

The first exercise was that everybody had to get up and introduce themselves followed by a “I belong to you”. Then we did some simple yoga exercises that still were physically demanding (Paripurna Navasana, raise and sink legs slowly while lying on the back, standing side bends, cobra, cat-cow with raised leg followed by knee to chin etc.)

We then did what to me is a very new way of doing yoga. We had to jump around the room on one leg, and then we had to find two partners to form a chain and continue to jump on one leg. We did an exercise where he said a number, and we should hurry to find that number of partners. The partner game ended in a big group hug with Swamiji in the middle. We also had to jump into the fire, meaning move or shake every limp of the body.

He introduced me to some playful ways of doing pranayama: pull a rope up from near your feet, down from the roof (bend knees), and from the side, and coordinate it with forceful exhalations. And finally, several minutes of laughter followed by savasana.

We ended the class by singing kirtans

Swamiji continuously reminded us to smile and spread happiness. This was no problem, because he made the exercises so funny that it was hard not to smile.

I liked the class because it gave me the feeling that I was in a room with other people searching for happiness, joy, peace and harmony. I got a feeling of belonging to a group due to the kirtans and group exercises which connected people physically as well as spiritually.

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More toe socks




What is not to love?

They are said to give better blood circulation, better balance, no bilisters, better foot hygiene, and the feeling of being barefoot

They make me stick to my mat (those with non slip soles), they give a new sensual experience, they keep my feet warm and yet they give me the opportunity to spread my toes and extend areas of the foot which are asana techniques.

Mats for every occasion



The thin purple mat is a travel mat. It can be folded into a small square that takes up less space than a towel! To me, it is comfortable even though it is thin, and the surface of the mat gives a good foundation. It will, however, be difficult to use it on an ueven surface.

I used to use the blue mat every day, but I got a new model because it was slippery. I now use it outdoors or at home (when the pink mat is at the studio).

The pink mat is the biggest and heaviest. I use it for my daily Practice.

Each color bring a different energy so every now and then is is good to ground on a different 🙂

When i am at the blue mat, i imagine that I am out sailing on a sunny summer day. I think of the comforting sound of waves. Sometimes i also connect it with the endless sky – a sky with no clouds. To me, both the ocean and the sky symbolizes eternity, endless opportunities, and calmness. In chakra symbolism it is the color of creativity.

The pink mat generates conversations and smiles. Its brightness lights up the room, and it makes me feel girly and happy. In chakra symbolism it is the color of eternal love.

In chakra symbolism purple represents the crown of the head – spirituality, strengt, passion and meditation.

Leftover tofu scramble and roll



Tonight i used all leftovers in the fridge to create a tofu scramble. I added herbs, tahin, mustard a touch of white wine vinegar, and 1 tsp Spirulina.

I could not decide if i wanted fresh springrolls or just the scramble so I made both. The scramble by itself won 🙂 the roll could have used dressing such as tofumayo, hummus or pesto.

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I hereby declare my feet ready for the inca trail



I have to admit that i am rather ignorant on the topic of hiking socks. I have heard that Marino wool is the thing when it comes to regulation of temperature, and this will become handy in the Andes where there is a remarcably difference between day and night temperature.
I have decided to go both the expermental way and the traditionally, and I will get back with an evaluation:-)

The fivefingers consist of : 90% Perf Dry™; 10% spandex

The traditional 68 % Marino wool, 13% polyester, 12% thermalite, 7% elastan