Give your oats a spirulina protein Boost. Giv din havregrød et protein Boost med spirulina .




I’m surprised to find that spirulina does not really taste of anything – so do not fear the taste of smelly algea!!! The seaweed powder is rich in protein, b6 and Iron, and the green color makes the oatmeal more fun.

0,5 cup oats
1 cup water
0,5-1 tsp Spirulina

Cook on low heat until there is no
water left in the pot.
Serve with a cup of boiling water with 0,5 tsp turmeric and 0,5 tsp ginger powder for the digestion.

0,5 kop Havregryn (4 spsk)
1 kop vand
0,5 -1 tsk Spirulina

Kog ved lav varme til der ikke er mere vand i gryden. Server med et glas kogende vand med 0,5 tsk stødt gurkemeje og 0,5 tsk stødt ingefær, der sætter gang i fordøjelsen.

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