Coconut milk


1 cup shredded coconut

2,5 cup boiling water

Let the coconut soak in the water for 1 hour to a night.

Blend the water and coconut.

Pure the mixture through a cloth or an old nylon sock to separate the coconut mass from the liquid.

Cool down and enjoy in cooking, in a smoothie or simply as it is.

Transfer the remaining coconut flakes to a baking sheet. Bake in low temperature. Then you get coconut flour





Body awareness


I have been a gymnast most of my childhood and I’ve practiced yoga since I was a teenager, therefore I’m quite flexible. Being flexible it is even more necessary to be aware of ones moves, because the naturals signs for stopping do not show. I have a tendency to push my body into poses I’ve never seen before and to pressure myself to the limits, and I used to do this without the awareness of an instructor.

This ends now!

I’m slowly experiencing pain in more and more body parts due to a long-lasting practice of postures which I have not known enough about.

I therefore want to argue for body awareness!

  • Listen to your body! Play with the postures, and notice what feels good (e.g. does it feel better when your arms touch your ears or when you have soft arms?)
  • If it hurts even a little, you need to stop!
  • Find a qualified instructor who has time, who can form a general overview of the students, and who corrects you!

Side bends:

  • Breath all the way down into your stomach and tighten your lower abbs


  • Don’t ever let your knees fall either inward or outward in standing postures, the knee should point towards your 2nd toe!
  • Don’t ever let your knees come further forward than the red line on the picture!
  • Be careful to rotate your upper leg without letting the lower leg follow along (I tend to do this in everyday situations for example if I have to reach for something in the kitchen while cooking)
  • Work on getting strong thighs to save your knees for doing the work
  • press especially your big toe into the mat
  • if you bike the seat you be positioned in a manner where your leg is stretched if place your heel on the pedal when the pedals are positioned in 6 o’clock


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