the taste of Nicaragua



It has been three months since I left Nicaragua, and I am starting to crave beans, rice and eggs with cheese on the side.

It is not the fanciest dish I can think of, but it carries many memories.

In Nicaragua this meal was served as breakfast, lunch and dinner, therefore eating it is a big part of living in the country.

I had to change the ingredients a bit, because they cannot be found in Denmark, and furthermore I had to count on the internet since none has passed the recipes on to me. However, the result was satisfying.

2 persons

Gallo Pinto:

1½ dl kidney beans (soaked in water overnight)

1/4 onion

1½ clove of garlic

½ tablespoon salt

boil the ingredients for about 1 hour

remove the water

fry the beans in some oil, add more garlic or onion if you like

add boiled rice for two

add 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar

adjust with salt and pepper


4 eggs

½ onion

2 cloves of garlic

bell peber

scample the ingreedients

cheese: I used feta

I served it with iceberg, cherry tomatoes and bell pepper, but in Nicaragua the salad would typically be made of finely chopped white cabbage or tomatoes

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