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I was the only foreign tourist in Corinto, the town with the biggest deep water port in Nicaragua.
The town was small, but had a nice typical central park.
A large number of men hanging out on the street made it a bit uncomfortabel to be a woman traveling alone.
However, as I had just found a quiet spot to read, I was surrounded by a group of young Nicas from Chinandega, who wanted to practice English with me. I spent a couple of hours with them. They bought me a beer and in return they had a blast using my camera and taking picture with me.

I had a wonderful dinner with “real” cheese and bread, bruschettas and salad at Italian owned Ristorante Bistocchi (Plaza Central 75 Bara Oveste)
My hotel Hospedaje Luvy, however, is not to be recommended!




a town on a sand dune, that is badly affected by global warning. The road and many houses got flotted every day when the high tide came.



Despite the red alert (earthquake warnings) and daily temblores (minor shakes) I decided to go to Potosí to climb Vulcán Cosigüina. At 7.30 am I left León in a microbus, and half an hour later I arrived in Chinandega, where I had to wait for an hour in el Mercadito. I killed the time by reading chatting with the locals about the temblor in Managua the day before, and by drinking posol (corn, milk and sugar) while reading Gioconda Belli. The vendors kept teasing a young boy next to where I sat, because he thought “la chela” was pretty.
I took the bus towards Rosario and after about 3 hours of sweating I finally reached Potosí and hotel Brisas del Golfo.
Walking about town I quickly realized I was the only chela. Now in many situations it would have been lovely to get off the beaten track, but I hungered for a breeze or a swim in the terminal waters. Down by the port I enjoyed the wind and silence for a while, but returning the fishermen kept yelling after me.
The “agua termales” were mostly visited by men, so the desire of a swim in my bikini left my head. I decided to sit in the water’s edge with my feet in the water, but this became uncomfortable as well. At first two 14-year olds kept diving near my feet while everybody stared and talked about me. “I think she is from Europe”, one man told her friend. “Amigo” said a 40-year old with a gold tooth. I felt like screaming: “Yo entiendo y hablo español!” but since I already felt undressed from all the attention, it wouldn’t be wise. An old man came and sat next to me to hear where I was from, if I had a boyfriend and if I walked alone. I hurried away to stay in my way too warm hotel room.
My head was killing me after the warm bus ride, and all I wanted to do was to relax with my book. Apparently, however, my hotel was located next to an evangelic church, in which they held a 3 hour long rock concert. I went out to eat to escape the concert. The prices at the hotel was in dollars, but I found a place where the food cost just half the price, and where they moreover served an amazing juice of fresh passion fruits. One thing was that the noise from the bass, drums and the screaming pastor was annoying, I was also kind of scary. On top my hotel played their own music, so 8.30 I felt asleep listening to radio from a headset connected to my phone.
Today I woke up a 4.30, and at 5am I hiked towards the peak of Cosigüina with a guide. I saw a coati climbing down a tree trunk, an orchid and various squirrels. The landscape was very green near the volcano. I asked my guide if a hill I saw was a volcano as well. He told me that officially it was just a hill, but since he has seen much smoke and gasses shooting out from holes, he thinks it’s active. At 8 am I reached the stunning crater. Unfortunately we weren’t able to see El Salvador not Honduras due to the clouds, but I got to enjoy a breeze. The weather is changing from dry to wet, therefore it has been cloudy the last couples of days. It was still worth the hike. Actually the hike was easy because it wasn’t steep (like for example Concepción). We were back at the hotel at 10.30am.
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