Visit an organic finca in the low zone of Miraflor, Estelí, Nicaragua


If you truly want to experience Nicaragua you have to visit this amazing family in Miraflor.

For only 20 dollars a night I got a bed and the best food I have tasted for long. (I booked through a turist office, but I have realized it is better to contact the family directly)

Orlando (the dad) woke up at 5am every morning to milk the family’s two cows. Meanwhile Deyanira (the mom) made tortillas from scratch. Every day after breakfast she turns the milk into cheese (cuajada).


The 18-year-old twin girls María José and María Celeste both study agriculture and to be hairdressers.

Orlando fought for the Sandinistas during the contra war, and is more than willing to tell you stories about this time. Now he grows tomatoes and coffee. Besides, the family grows vegetables and fruits.

One of the nights the family made us a concert. Orlando played guitar and everybody sang – and they all had talent. The songs were about Miraflor, Estelí and the history of Nicaragua.


The family runs the only organic finca in La Labranza. At times the house functions as a bakery as well.


I cannot recommend this family strongly enough!!!



Contact info:

Deyanira Alaniz y Orlando Ruiz

Finca Ojo de Agua

La Labranza

Estelí, Nicaragua

phone: 84173486/86178319

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