my weekend


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Sometimes I just need my space – need time to relax and do exactly what I want. This weekend I spoiled my self with some alone time.

Yesterday I took the public bus from León to Poneloya, then a boat and a horse carriage before I reached my hostel on Isla Los Brasiles at noon. I spend the rest of the day tanning and reading novels and enjoying a frappu. I finished a novel in Danish and started on my first novel in Spanish. It was a huge boost of selfesteem that I actually could understand and feel drawn my the words. The night sky was amazing. I don’t recall the last time I have seen that many starts – I even saw a shooting star. I allowed myself a coco loco (coconut with flor de caña) with chia seeds. Cocos are amazing because they both contain a drink and a snack:)

I had trouble sleeping because of mosquitoes. But nothing could ruin my joy of finding such a silent pearl with a fresh breeze to relax.

Today I woke up at 8 and continued working on my tan and my books. At noon I left for the city.

I got back to busy, loud and poluted León where men always scream chelite, amor, baba etc. I found a place to escape though. A french bakery. I spoiled myself with a big plate of bread and cheece, which I have missed for long, accompanied with a beetroot juice. Just now, I am finishing the leftovers.

I can strongly recommend a weekend like this!

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