Hervideros de San Jacinto


Today two friends and I took the bus from terminal de buses in León towards San Isidro, but to San Jacinto. The fare was 12 cordobas.

When we came to San Jacinto we walked down a dirt road for 5 minutes, and there we found our guides. The guides were two girls age 10-12. They showed the sizzling hot mud holes, but couldn’t tell us much. They knew a few worlds in English, which they proudly practiced.

After having seen the mud, they took us to the river. The water was so hot, the otherwise hot air felt cold afterwards. It was a bit dirty, but it wasn’t too bad. There were fish as well. When we switched pool, our former pool became taken over by cows and horses.

It felt a bit rare, because when we arrived to the pool a bunch of local teenage guys arrived as well. At first the just sad there, staring, but when I asked them if they were not going to swim, they hurried in the water.

On the way back to the entrance one of the girls catched a calf, we got to pet. Afterwards we dropped by a house where a woman was making “pasteles”. Her husband asked us if we wanted to buy some. They only cost 5 cordobas. It was fried dough stuffed with marmalade – too fried and too sweet for me. The man started to talk religion. He was evangelic “because the catholic party, drink and smokes too much”. He was surprised to hear we do not use horses on the roads in Scandinavia as they do here. We had to tell him, we needed to catch the bus, in order to escape.

Entrance: 50 cordobas

guides: voluntary donation

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