Nica Time and Public Buses


Actually it starts out with Tica Time since I waited 1½ hour for my bus in Liberia, Costa Rica. But oh well, I got on the bus and crossed the border without any trouble. At the border we all had to pay $14, get out of the bus to have our passports stamped, get in the bus, get out of the bus to have our luggage checked (they didn’t even look though), and get into the bus again. From the border it took 20 minutes to get to Rivas. In Rivas my friend and I were attacked by taxi drivers, who tried to charge of $20 to get to San Jorge. We paid $5+tip for a bike taxi (but on the way back we only paid 100 córdoba together for a real taxi). Then we took the ferry to Moyogalpa for 70 córdoba.

Wednesday we wanted to use the public busses to get to the other side of the island. Each person we asked told us a different bus schedule. We ended up spending 4 hours to get to our destination Finca Porvenir, because we had to change busses and wait twice. The busses were stuffed, but the money collector knew exactly who and what to charge. On the way back we were lucky. The bus came 30 minutes after we had arrived at the bus stop (= road side), and took us to Ojo de Agua. Coming back from Ojo de Agua we were lucky as well: We walked for 30 minutes to the bus stop, and the bus came 5 minutes after (30 minutes too early!!!). We were really lucky because the bus was the last bus of the day.

Thursday we took the public bus from Rivas to Granada. We didn’t have to wait. They threw my 20 kg heavy suitcase on top of the bus, and it was still there when we arrived.

Today I took the bus towards Managua. I didn’t have to wait. The bus was full but a guy kept jumping on and off screaming “Manamanamanagua” and people cramped together. He was kind enough to tell me were to jump off.

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